Funny argumentative essay ideas?

The source of humor is incongruity:  when one outcome is expected and another is presented. Although capturing the essence of humor in written form can be elusive, it is possible to write an argumentative essay that is funny by drawing on recent topical events that have been shared by a society (think Jerry Seinfeld). Certainly, it is possible to grab a teacher’s attention by arguing about something outrageous such as how “Bart Simpson has become an American role model for young people,” but a more effective approach might be to describe some potentially real-life outcomes that could actually develop. For example, the current U.S. executive administration is replete with possibilities for a funny argument essay. Likewise, many “what-if” scenarios offer rich opportunities for funny argumentative essays.  Writing a solid argumentative essay of any type, though, can be a challenging enterprise for some students, especially those that require the use of original humor.